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Rising Sun Home Suffers Kitchen Fire

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

Recently, our Cecil County community has suffered several fire-related losses.  One such fire disaster occurred at a home in Rising Sun.  After a fire had began on the stove, the kitchen was left in disarray with substantial smoke and soot damage.

In order to complete full fire restoration services, our SERVPRO of Cecil County team wiped down all affected surfaces including the walls, ceilings, carpets, cabinets and doors of the home.  Smoke and soot can easily travel to every corner of your home, which is why a complete and thorough cleaning is necessary after fire damage has occurred.

In order to capture the fire extinguisher powder and smoke and soot particles that had been circulated into the air during the fire, our fire restoration team utilized our specialized HEPA Vac and also placed an Air Scrubber into the affected areas for a full day.  In addition to utilizing our equipment, we cleaned the air handler and all HVAC vents in the home in order to eliminate any further signs of smoke and soot traveling through the property.  These procedures will ensure that the air quality in the home is fully clean and healthy.

The fire damage could’ve been much worse for this Rising Sun home, so it is important to remember to always attend to your cooking and not leave the room in case of an issue.  Kitchen surfaces should also be cleaned both after cooking as well as periodically in order to ensure there are no signs of grease or cooking oils that can potentially ignite a flame.

SERVPRO of Cecil County offers 24/7 emergency fire and water restoration services for those in need.  Our restoration team is proud to serve the Elkton area with helping to restore any size disaster "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage in Cecil County after Hurricane Ida

10/6/2021 (Permalink)

After Hurricane Ida did its worst, Cecil County was heavily affected by the heavy winds and downpours in our region.  SERVPRO of Cecil County helped recover our Elkton area with many storm-related losses including flooding, sewage and structural damage.

One Elkton business that was significantly affected by the storm damage was a commercial flooring business.  The property had suffered a flooding of muddy water throughout the entire structure.  This took our advanced mitigation and drying procedures to a higher level since the building required much more equipment and attention in order to fully restore the business in an ample amount of time.

Our goal is always to keep our local businesses running and back to normal as quickly as possible.  We are proud to have the equipment and team available to do just that in times of need.

Should your home or business be affected by storm damage, SERVPRO of Cecil County is here to assist you in getting life back to normal.  We provide services after a hurricane, tornado or other large disaster.  Our highly trained team can help to restore storm damage including a roof collapse or sewage backup.  We are here to help and “Ready for Whatever Happens.”

Fire Damage Prevention

10/6/2021 (Permalink)

October is Fire Prevention Month!  This fall and beyond, SERVPRO of Cecil County would like to remind everyone to stay safe and follow the proper safety procedures when it comes to fire safety.  According to the National Fire Protection Agency, cooking fires are the leading cause of house fires.   Remember to never leave your cooking unattended, and to be mindful of grilling and outdoor bonfires.

Ensure your fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are working properly.  Install smoke alarms in every room and on every level of the property.  Replace the alarms every ten years and the batteries every six months.

The NFPA also recommends that you create a fire escape plan for you and your family, as well as for your business and employees.  Look at all possible exits, doors and windows, and discuss both a primary and secondary evacuation route for each area with the involved party.

In the event of a fire, determine an outside meeting point after evacuation, and do not re-enter the structure until you are told it is safe to do so.

SERVPRO of Cecil County hopes that everyone continues to follow all safety guidelines for fire prevention!  Should you suffer a fire, smoke or soot issue in your Elkton home or business, our fire restoration team can handle any size event.  Our fire restoration procedures include a full demolition and cleaning of a property or other necessary services such as duct cleaning in order to fully ensure healthy and clean air quality in the space.  Our team is here to help, no matter how large or small the disaster!

The Mold Remediation Process

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

When mold is present in your Elkton home or business, it can potentially affect your health and cause significant damage to the structure.  SERVPRO of Cecil County has the knowledge, expertise and advanced equipment needed to handle any size mold issue.

When one of our highly trained Production Managers visits your Elkton property, you will be asked a series of questions in order for us to determine the proper actions to take for your unique mold situation.  We will thoroughly inspect the affected areas to discover all signs of mold, potential hidden water sources or issues that can prevent further damage.

Various procedures will be used during the Mold Remediation process including setting containment and utilizing various equipment to prevent the further spread of mold spores in the space.  Our air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are two such pieces of equipment that we utilize in order to do so.  Our anti-fungal and anti-microbial cleaning treatments are also designed to fully remove all signs of mold and prevent future growth.

The Mold Remediation process is unique to each situation and often involves additional services including the removal of drywall or other structural components where mold may have formed, content cleaning for affected items, and odor removal and deodorization techniques.

Regardless of your level of Mold Remediation necessary, SERVPRO of Cecil County can assist you and help to lessen the stress of the situation.  Our IICRC-trained team is always prepared to handle your mold damage event!

Sink Damage Leads to Water Restoration Services in North East

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cecil County recently performed water mitigation services for a homeowner in North East.  The supply line to the bathroom sink had been damaged, causing water to flood the floors and to begin leaking through the ceiling.

Our water restoration team completed all mitigation, drying and disinfecting services to the affected areas in order to ensure a fully restored structure.  This included placing several air movers in the home to effectively remove all signs of water from the premises.  This advanced equipment is utilized in order to quickly eliminate water in all areas of a facility, including all hidden areas where the water may have traveled to.  This is critical in preventing future water or mold issues.

SERVPRO of Cecil County offers fire and water cleanup and restoration services, mold remediation, and general cleaning services to the Elkton area.  We strive to make every unique situation as pleasant as we can for our local community and we are always "Ready for Whatever Happens."

Biohazard and Sewage Cleanup for a Local Municipality!

7/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cecil County recently received a call from one of our local Municipalities regarding severe sewage damage in their facility.  Sewage had flowed into two rooms of the facility and required mitigation in addition to a thorough cleaning of the affected areas.  This included the ceiling, floors and content affected.

When sewage is present, it is critical to utilize best practices for cleaning and disinfecting all areas affected by the contamination.  Our IICRC-Certified team applies advanced anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatments in addition to hospital-grade cleaning solutions to fully sanitize and remediate the problem in regards to everyone’s health and safety.

Contaminated sewage water can quickly degrade into a more severe and hazardous issue if left untreated.  Any bacteria present in the sewage can quickly spread and cause health issues.  Therefore, we stress calling a certified professional immediately to resolve the problem before further damage can occur.

Should you have a biohazard, sewage or cleaning emergency, SERVPRO of Cecil County is prepared to help restore your Elkton home or facility at a moment's notice.  Our Biohazard team specializes in cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the affected areas involved in your contaminated environment!

Ceiling Leak and Water Damage in Perryville

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cecil County was called to assist with water damage that had affected two stories of a local home in Perryville.  After the fire suppression system had been damaged on the second floor of the residence, water had leaked through the ceiling and into the living room of the home.

Our water restoration crews removed the pad and floated the carpet in several areas in order to fully extract and dry every inch of the home that could have been potentially affected by the water leak.  Treating these areas properly will prevent the risk of further water damage or mold growth.

Our Reconstruction Department also completed services for repairs and replacement of the ceiling and floors in order to fully restore the home to a preloss state.   As a locally owned and operated franchise, SERVPRO of Cecil County is happy to have the team, expertise and equipment to offer these services to our local Elkton community!

Fire Damage Awakens Homeowner in Colora

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cecil County was called to assist with a fire that had occurred during the early morning hours at a home in Colora.  Around 4:30 AM, a fire erupted in the bedroom, causing fire, smoke and soot damage throughout the home.  The fire’s strength had grown so fierce that every window had been forcibly broken.  Two of the residents were also taken to the hospital since they had suffered from burns and smoke inhalation.

The homeowner involved in this overwhelming situation had heard of SERVPRO's fire cleanup and restoration services and trusted our local Cecil County franchise to help.  Our emergency response crew has already removed the substantial amount of fire-damaged content and debris throughout the Colora home. 

Our fire restoration crew has begun the demolition process and will continue to restore this home to preloss conditions.  SERVPRO of Cecil County also partners with our Reconstruction team in order to fully restore properties such as this in the event of fire, water or mold damage.

Cecil County Board Up Services

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cecil County often offers board up services in the event of a fire in addition to when it is required to maintain the structure and safety of a building in other circumstances.  These circumstances often involve a vehicular accident where a car runs through a home or commercial building.

We received one such call where a vehicle had been driven through an Elkton property, damaging portions of the window and structure.  We responded overnight to this call for help in order to assess the damages and provide assistance.  Our crews removed a substantial amount of shattered glass and debris from both the interior and exterior of the property.  We also boarded up the windows and doors for the local customer.

We are called to provide this service in Cecil County more often than expected, and we also offer Reconstruction services and partnering contractors to assist with fully restoring a home or facility when this happens.  Should the unexpected happen, SERVPRO of Cecil County is prepared to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Cecil County Encourages Building Safety!

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

May is National Building Safety Month!  This is an initiative created by various organizations to educate homeowners as well as insurance and property management professionals on the proper protocols of building and maintaining a safe facility.  Construction, design, safety, affordability and energy efficiency are key points to focus on when it comes to your home or commercial building.

This campaign stresses the importance of adopting modern and often updated building codes in order to maintain a safe structure.  SERVPRO of Cecil County supports this cause since building codes are a key part of maintaining a facility.  Neglecting the proper protocols for your home or business can lead to water, fire or mold damage, which our restoration professionals are all too familiar with.

Through our Emergency READY Profile Program (ERP), SERVPRO of Cecil County offers a related service where all pertinent information for a commercial building is documented in a digital file in case of a fire or water emergency.  Water shut-off valves, electrical systems and building access are a few standard pieces of information that we gather in order to allow the proper actions to be taken immediately with minimal downtime.  To learn more, click here!