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Christmas Tree Fire Safety

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

It’s almost time to take down your live Christmas tree!  SERVPRO of Cecil County finds it just as hard to part with these festive trees, but we want to remind you that they can be a fire hazard if they are left up too long after the holiday season is over.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 1/3 of home fires in the United States that are caused by Christmas trees happen in the month of January, so it’s important to remove your tree before it dries out.  The drier your tree becomes, the more you will have a risk of a fire in your home.

Please dispose of your tree promptly after the holidays.  The NFPA recommends using your community’s recycling program, rather than simply placing them outside.

To limit the risk of a fire even further, do not unplug the light cords from an electrical outlet by pulling the cord.  This can damage the cord and increase the risk of an electrical fire.  When packing up lights, inspect them for any damages.  Wrap each set of lights separately and store them in a dry place where they will not be damaged by water.

At SERVPRO of Cecil County, we understand how unexpectedly a fire can occur, and we are always here to help. We hope everyone stays safe during this holiday season.

Water Damage in Elkton

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

When homeowners in Elkton called our water restoration team for immediate assistance with their water leak, we didn’t hesitate.  SERVPRO of Cecil County is always prepared for a disaster to strike and to help restore local homes and businesses from water damage.  Often, situations like this can be very overwhelming for those involved, and this was no exception.  We visited the property right away in order to assess the damages and reassure them that we would make this unexpected disaster “Like it never even happened.”

Our team did just that, starting with tearing out the wet drywall, carpet and other damaged materials.  We completed our advanced water mitigation process and then placed our drying equipment for a full day in order to ensure the affected areas were fully dry and free of any signs of water that could lead to issues in the future. 

The homeowners were thrilled with our crew and service.  They were excited to have their home back, and we were happy to be able to help.  SERVPRO of Cecil County takes pride in helping to restore our customer’s homes and lives from a fire, water or mold damage event.  Should you experience such a disaster, call us at 410-620-3322.

Mold Growth in Earleville

11/21/2019 (Permalink)

This mold growth was found in a home in Earleville after they experienced water damage.  The homeowner’s air conditioning unit in the upstairs bedroom had previously leaked down the drywall down into the first floor and basement.  Once the service was complete, the drywall was removed in order to be replaced.  While doing this, a significant amount of mold growth was found.  SERVPRO of Cecil County received the call to perform mold remediation for this property, and we were happy to get started immediately.

Our mold remediation professionals contained the affected areas in order to prevent the spread of the mold.  We then used our specialized filtration equipment in order to capture any signs of mold spores in the air.  Our antifungal and antimicrobial treatments eliminated other signs of mold as well as prevented new mold spores from forming.  Our team then cleaned and disinfected the affected areas in addition to removing any odors caused by the mold growth.

The home was back to normal, and the homeowner couldn’t have been happier with our service!  We are thrilled that he was satisfied with our work, and we hope to do the same for all of our local home and business owners.  If you experience mold damage, SERVPRO of Cecil County is ready at a moment’s notice to help restore the property for you.  We offer 24/7 emergency service for our local community.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

With winter approaching, it is critical to protect your home or business from the frigid temperatures.  Frozen pipes can be a large issue during the upcoming months.  When pipes break, water damage follows.  SERVPRO of Cecil County restores many homes and businesses from water damage caused by frozen pipes.  However, there are ways you can prevent this common winter disaster by properly maintaining your pipes.

  • Insulate any exposed pipes.
  • Close indoor valves that supply water outdoors. Open the outdoor valves to drain any excess water.
  • Disconnect any outside hoses from your hose bib.
  • In dangerously low temperatures, allow cold water to drip from the faucets. This will allow water to continuously flow through the pipes and prevent them from freezing.
  • To thaw frozen pipes, use a heating pad or towels soaked in hot water.

Water damage caused by frozen pipes is a common issue in the winter months.  If you have any issues with frozen pipes, our water restoration professionals will be there to help.  We offer 24/7 emergency services for our local customers when they experience a fire, water or mold damage event. Contact us at 410-620-3322 to learn more.

Cooking and Fire Safety

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

Cooking is a leading cause of household fires in the United States.  This makes it critical to use precautions when preparing meals for you and your family.  With the holidays getting closer, this is more important than ever.

To keep you and your family safe, follow these cooking safety measures outlined by the National Fire Protection Association.

  • When cooking, always stay in the kitchen and do not leave food unattended.
  • Stay alert and focused when cooking to avoid the risk of injury.
  • Use a timer to ensure food does not burn or simmer.  Check the stove or oven regularly.
  • Keep flammable materials away from the stove and oven, such as towels and oven mitts.
  • Wear clothing that will not come in contact with heat sources.
  • Children should stay at least three feet away from cooking areas including hot food and liquids that can cause burns.

Following these safety measures will eliminate the risk of a cooking fire in your home and keep you and your family safe.  If you experience any type of smoke, soot or fire damage, SERVPRO of Cecil County will be there to help!  We restore any size fire disaster, including cooking fires for our local communities.  Call us today at 410-620-3322.

Always Prepared for Water Damage

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

The water restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Cecil County had to remove all the flooring in this kitchen after a local homeowner suffered significant water damage.  The owners had returned to their home in Port Deposit to find that their basement had been flooded from a leak in their upstairs bathroom.  After the ceiling had caved in, most of the damage was left in the basement.  However, the water had affected all three floors of the home and much of the flooring had to be removed and restored.

SERVPRO of Cecil County visited the property immediately to begin the water mitigation process.  Our team was happy to help restore the home back to preloss conditions.  Once the water was extracted from the affected areas, we laid down our drying equipment in order to ensure the space was fully dry.

The customer was very satisfied with our services and crew and stated that we made her feel at ease.  Our team strives for this with every disaster we encounter.  SERVPRO of Cecil County knows how devastating a leak or flood can be for you and your home.  We hope to make every situation better for our customers by giving them this same impression after we have left the water damage in your home “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage in North East

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

We recently received a call from a resident in North East after his building had caught fire and left damage to his home.  SERVPRO of Cecil County was happy to help with the fire and smoke damages.  Our fire restoration professionals visited the property immediately to assess the damages and begin the cleaning process.

Our specialized equipment and techniques removed smoke and soot from all surfaces in the home.  We then cleaned and disinfected the affected areas as well as eliminated any signs of odor using our industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.  In addition, our team cleaned and restored many of the items in the home back to preloss conditions.

Once the contents and structure were restored, the home was back to a clean and healthy environment, and this customer was thrilled with the result.  SERVPRO of Cecil County is always prepared to help with fire damage in our local area.  If you experience any fire, smoke or soot damage in your own home, call us today at 410-620-3322.

SERVPRO and Disaster Preparation

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cecil County is always prepared for unexpected disasters from fire, water and mold.  Our restoration professionals help restore properties daily from emergencies such as pipe breaks and smoke damage, and the situation can often be overwhelming.  We are reminding local homeowners and businesses to plan and help protect their properties in order to prevent such a disaster.

This week is Fire Prevention Week.  Now is the perfect time to prepare and create or update your evacuation plan in case of any type of emergency. Click here to learn important fire prevention guidelines and safety measures from the American Red Cross.

Building an emergency kit is a helpful way to be prepared for a disaster. You should also know what to do in case of power outages in your area.

In order to protect your property even further, SERVPRO of Cecil County also offers an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) to businesses for free. This is a digital file with information such as water shutoffs, fire suppression systems and key personnel that businesses can utilize in the event of an emergency to help minimize downtime and prevent further damage. Click here to learn more about the ERP.

It is critical to be prepared if disaster does strike.  Should you experience fire, water or mold damage, SERVPRO of Cecil County is ready to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Prevention Week

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

Fireman putting out building fire Prevention is key to avoiding a fire like this on your own property.

Fire prevention week is October 6th-12th. SERVPRO of Cecil County has helped to restore many homes and businesses in our local area after a fire.  These situations can be very devastating, so it is critical to protect yourself and your property from such a disaster.

The most effective way to prevent a fire is to identify and remove fire hazards.  Hazards to be aware of include a collection of dust, electrical equipment, and flammable liquids and vapors.

Be sure to keep your property clean.  Check that your electrical equipment is working properly and that there are no power issues that can lead to a fire.  In addition, cooking is a leading cause of fires.  When cooking, it is important not to leave an oven or stove unattended.

You should have a fire extinguisher in your home and one on every floor if you own a business.  Test the batteries in your smoke detectors regularly and replace them every ten years.  You should also have a first aid kit and an evacuation plan in case of emergencies.

These steps can decrease your chance of a fire drastically as well as help in the event of such a disaster.  If you experience smoke, soot or fire damage, our fire restoration professionals can help reverse the destruction.  SERVPRO of Cecil County is prepared to respond to any size fire disaster at a moment’s notice.

Basement Water Damage

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cecil County received a call from a local homeowner in Elkton after a pipe had burst in his home.  The finished basement was left extensively damaged by the water leak, but our water restoration professionals visited the property immediately to assess the damages and help restore the home.

We removed the flooring in the affected area and completed the water mitigation process.  Once the basement was substantially dry, we then placed our specialized drying equipment in the area in order to ensure there were no signs of water left behind.  This step is critical in order to eliminate the risks of other water or mold issues in the future due to insufficient drying.

This customer is thrilled with our crew and the work we performed.  We’re happy to help and are here for our local residents and businesses 24/7.  If you experience any size water, fire or mold disaster, call SERVPRO of Cecil County at 410-620-3322.