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Mold Remediation Testimonials

We had a slow leak in a refrigerator line, filed a home insurance claim, and called SERVPRO. Once multiple layers of flooring were being removed, they discovered black mold colonies that had been making me sick for the past decade! Lord only knows how long it had all been growing but I was never sick like this before we bought this house in 2012. (No, it was not all from the fridge line, not even close. It was from old leaks that were never properly taken care of prior to our purchase of the home, exacerbated by 5 layers of flooring providing space for water to seep into and nice dark conditions for mold to thrive.) I have new allergies, fibromyalgia and inflammatory arthritis, all likely due to the black mold. They had to completely tear out my kitchen and we are starting over. I'm so thankful they found it and eliminated it for us! Now it's time to rebuild and heal. I'd recommend them to anyone.

My initial contact with Kyler was very prompt and courteous and he scheduled us quickly. I appreciated his kindness in working with us. The guys who came to do the work were very nice and professional. They notified us as soon as they noticed an issue and took strides to remedy it by bringing in a dehumidifier and fan. We were happy with the results and I would highly recommend them.

I used SERVPRO of Cecil County for mold remediation. Work started and completed on time. Everyone was courteous and professional, addressed my needs and answered my many questions to my satisfaction. Would definitely use again without hesitation and highly recommend.

My family recently had some water damage that was not addressed properly and it led to mold and mildew issues. I called Michael Hughes and he had a large crew out the very next day. They worked until almost 7pm to get everything removed. They had been here every day since to check various things. They call ahead to notify us that they are coming. They always wear a mask and are courteous. They have been very informative and helpful in the process. The rebuilding of our finished portion of the basement begins soon and we are excited. I highly recommend this company to anyone in the area.

I unfortunately had mold in my basement. it was a mess and very upsetting. Victor and his crew were efficient, polite and professional. They really went the extra mile. I really appreciated when I was thanking Victor how he said, "No problem. We just want to make sure your family is safe." Highly recommended!

Everyone was so nice and personable. They went above and beyond with the work and were very professional. I am very happy with the service!

"SERVPRO has been so good to me. The crew was always friendly and did awesome work."

The crew did well with the work after I found mold in my home and I am very happy with the service!

They did a great job taking care of the mold in my basement. Thank you for your help!