Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen Grease Fire

When your home or business suffers an unexpected fire disaster, SERVPRO of Cecil County will be there to recover the damages from the flames.  The grease fire in this kitchen could’ve been prevented with more cautious cooking habits.  Luckily, our fire restoration professionals know how to restore your home from this common disaster.

Rising Sun Smoke Damage

When a local homeowner in Rising Sun called us to clean up this smoke damage in their home, we didn’t hesitate to help.  The stove had caught on fire due to unattended boiling water.  Although the fire had fortunately done little damage to the property, an extensive amount of smoke damage had been left behind.  The team at SERVPRO of Cecil County knows how to clean and remove any signs of smoke from your home, which should always be done by a professional to prevent further damage.

Lawn Mower Soot Damage

SERVPRO of Cecil County cleaned up this soot in Perryville after a lawn mower had exploded in the homeowner’s garage.  Our fire restoration professionals were able to quickly remove all signs of oil and soot from the affected area and restore the space.

Laundry Room Fire

After a local homeowner’s laundry room caught fire, she called SERVPRO of Cecil County to repair the damages.  The fire had damaged the walls and ceiling and left the washer and dryer destroyed.  Our team was happy to help restore the affected area and give this customer back a clean and safe space.

Smoke Damage in Elkton

SERVPRO of Cecil County was happy to remove this smoke damage from an Elkton home after the homeowner’s fireplace had malfunctioned.  Smoke and soot spread throughout the walls and ceiling, and our professional cleaning techniques were needed in order to ensure there would be no further damage.

Puffback in Cecil County

The restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Cecil County are very familiar with these cobwebs that form after smoke damage which are actually the result of a puffback.  This is when smoke and soot are released from a furnace.  The carbon in the soot creates carbon chains that appear in your ceiling, walls and doorways like shown here.